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Our training system

The training concept has multiple meanings and it is used in different disciplines. Our training system aims to shape and give substance to our users, whether they are college students, new graduates who need an assessment before their entry into the world of work, whether they are employees of a…

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Train the Trainer

Learners do not want only learning but also experience: The Business Game Put The Business Experience inside your courses! The training course to trainers (or Train the Trainer) aims to instruct teachers to management training through advanced web-based tools: The Management Business Game and The Project Management Business Game. At…

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The Business Game Ltd offers its educational paths, offering customized courses. Contact us to develop your managerial experience through business game. Here are some paths developed by us in the past: Course Title Development of managerial and strategic analysis skills Duration 16-24 hours1 Aims Provide guidance to the strategic approach…

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Employer Branding & Recruiting

The Business Game Ltd. develops Business Games tailored to the specific needs of its customers. Especially, Business Games are suitable to develop the maximum  employer branding   objective or to support the recruitment and selection We also held important roles in assessment courses, online assessment, online recruiting. Some successful projects carried…

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GDO Business Game

The GDO Business Game is a serious game based on advanced simulation of the main activities carried out by the department heads within a superstore. The simulation consists of a competition between various virtual superstore that operate in the same market. These superstores are managed by a team of participants…

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Innovation Business Game

The basic concept that is the foundation of this business game is innovation. Innovation can be conceived in two ways: allowing other companies to take advantage of some of the innovations within the company or to keep them within the walls of the company. It is from these two concepts…

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Project Management Business Game

The Project Management Business Game (PMBG) is an advanced “serious game”. Its scope is the project management and it proposes a try and learn learning path about the dynamics of project management. The tool is web-based and it is scalable for large projects. During the game, each player / team…

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CSR Business Game

Animaimpresa, with the collaboration of The Business Game Ltd., has developed the CSR game, a web application that provides a model of the effects of specific policies and practices in the field of CSR on corporate strategic management. The main difficulties in doing that reside in the large number of…

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Presso Accenture lanciamo l’Innovation Game, un gioco sviluppato su un’applicazione web-based utilizzabile da qualsiasi computer connesso ad Internet, in cui l’innovazione incontra gli appassionati di tecnologie per metterli alla prova facendoli confrontare con piattaforme all’avanguardia: la tua missione sarà quella di ottenere il miglior risultato nel gioco online, sfruttando le tecnologie…


L’Università e il Comune di Udine hanno sottoscritto il 26 LUGLIO 2016 una convezione che prevede una collaborazione della durata di un anno fra l’ateneo e la Polizia locale. Il progetto di ricerca “Tedol Drive” utilizza un’applicazione per smartphone sviluppata dal team della The Business Game srl finalizzata a conoscere…


UMC 2011 É una grande soddisfazione vedere che uno degli strumenti didattici utilizzati nei nostri corsi si è dimostrato efficace nel motivare le studentesse a cimentarsi in un concorso nazionale e ha consentito loro di conseguire un ottimo risultato.”

Professore ordinario Facoltà di ECONOMIA E GIURISPRUDENZA

Prof.ssa Depperu.