Collaboration Business Game


In the Collaboration Business Game each team will have to work together to pursue their own goals and the goals of the company. The game lasts about 2 hours and is characterized by: discussion of a business case and control of the company’s evolution. At the end, an automatically generated report will enable you to build a ranking, taking into account both the business objectives and the efficiency and effectiveness of each business areas.

Learning features

  • For each single team you can play up to eight people
  • Single and overall evaluation of the various business functions
  • Increase communication skills
  • Team Working
  • Problem solving

Game overview

Candidates, at the end of the presentation of the areas to which they are responsible to the other team members, will receive envelopes with historical data and access data to their area via web. They will need to enter the bargaining decisions to invest in the gaming period in order to reach the proposed goals. At the end of each game step, they will have the opportunity to discuss the effectiveness of their decisions and continue the game in order to bring the company to the success.