Who we are

The Management & Learning Experience


The Business Game Srl, a spin-off of the University of Udine, is a start-up created in 2008 by the will of some enthusiastic entrepreneurs of Business Simulation. Consulting and managerial training through the simulation of enterprise management are the key points on which we aim. Thanks to the know-how and the high skills gained over the years, we are now able to offer a wide range of targeted solutions. Our goal is to provide the customer with the most real and unforgettable experience possible, enabling him to enrich his knowledge and skills

Our Mission

  • A key issues for all companies and organizations worldwide in the current knowledge economy is strategy execution.
  • Strategy execution is closely connected to the spreading of knowledge, ideas and experience across all employees in the fastest and most accurate way.
  • In this area «The Business Game» makes knowledge and experience stick in the brain and in the heart of employees.
  • Companies perform training for the need of executing a strategy that delivers business results and this is why we get paid .

Our Vision

  • «The Business Game» is a worldwide recognized brand that is helping private and public organization in delivering unforgettable learning experiences that boost the results of the people and organizations.
  • Our learning solutions are sold online, are easy to buy, have online and offline materials that allows trainers and trainees to be autonomous in their education and learning experience and they can be used on any device.
  • We contribute to the advancement of the Serious Game industry and this makes a reference company that has established commercial relationship in all countries with private and public firms and institutions, high schools and universities. We are recognized in all regional and global professional and academic conferences.
  • We have partnerships with Non profit organizations that are helping growth skills and economic knowledge in developing countries which are funded by EU and other public institutions worldwide.