Management Business Game


The Management Business Game is an advanced management game focused on simulating a competitive market. The economic model is extremely configurable as it is possible to intervene on a large number of parameters in order to simulate the most diverse market realities. There are also some preconstituted market scenarios, along with explanatory documentation. The indicators used by the model to assess the performance of companies are two: the market share (which describes the company’s performance in terms of competitive success) and profitability (which defines the company’s performance in terms of earnings success through major financial economic indicators). The product is offered by customizing either the didactic course (frontal, web or blended) and the managerial context in which the simulation takes place.

Learning features

  • Refinement of decision-making skills
  • Taking confidence in situations of risk and uncertainty
  • Technical management learning
  • Business functions’ integration
  • Strategic training
  • Teamworking
  • Partecipants’ soft skills development

Game overview

Each team represents a company’s management and makes strategic and operational choices within a simulated market based on a defined and realistic economic model. The task of the teams is therefore to identify and implement the best strategies to maximize the goals of business efficiency and efficiency, in order to win the competition with companies on the virtual market.