One Day Work Simulation


One Day Work Simulation (1-DWS) is a computerized assessment of behavioral abilities consisting of a simulation (in-basket type) and a number of other evaluation tools. It is a simulation of a context in which the subject has to make a series of decisions, typical of the role assigned, in order to accomplish a well-defined goal.

Learning features

  • It can be used on large populations at low cost and without the use of evaluation specialists.
  • Flexibility and adaptation of the logical model to the needs of the client (focusing on different capacities and use with different purposes both in evaluation and in the field of training).
  • Automatic synthesis reports that can be used immediately (also for self-evaluation purposes), which also serve as a basis for further in-depth analysis.

Game overview

1DWS is our flagship product for developing and evaluating behavioral abilities. Our service offerings are aimed at providing the Consulting and Personnel Consulting Companies, the General Directorates, the HR Directorates, and the Corporate Managers the keys to the success of their transformation and organizational learning projects.