Project Management Business Game


The Project Management Business Game (PMBG) is an advanced “serious game” in project management and proposes a try&learn learning path of Project Manager dynamics. The tool is web-based and scalable also for large projects. During the game, each player/team of players represents different industrial companies operating on the same market; participants are required to reason on the management of a project.

Learning features

  • Project Management
  • Risk management
  • Management skills learning
  • Financial data analysis
  • Qualitative assessment results

Game overview

The product is offered by customizing either the didactic course (frontal, web or blended) and the managerial context in which the simulation takes place. Players will become real project managers. In a first phase of the game, they will have to submit the offer to the client; in the second part they will handle the delivery of the project by analyzing the various stages of development and criticality during evolution.