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PMBG @ Warwick Business School

  TBG arrives in Coventry, England. Our Project Management Business Game (PMBG) has been included in the study plan of the Project Management course held by Dr. Vikki Abusidualghoul in the prestigious Warwick Executive MBA. It is the first time that Dr. Abusidualghoul offers its students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the virtual reality…
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UMC Final 2017-18

  UNIVERSITY MANAGEMENT COMPETITION 2017-18 14 Italian Universities 1,500 students 471 teams 10 finalist teams 1 single winner Are you ready for the challenge? NATIONAL FINAL UNIVERSITY MANAGEMENT COMPETITION ROME, 9-10 May 2018

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Collaboration Business Game @ Bologna

  Bologna, 21st February 2017. As part of the Masters in Management of the University of Bologna, The Business Game Srl proposed the Collaboration Business Game, the TBG tool created to improve organizational and group dynamics, providing an educational and training experience to the participants. At the end of a brief presentation of the Game,…
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A gym for PMs: the Project Management Business Game

  Ancona, October 26, 2017. TBG concluded the first part of the seminar “Creating value with Project Management”, organized in Ancona by ClubTi Centro, an association operating in the Information and Innovation Technology sector, that aims to gather and link all IT experts in the regions of central Italy. With the support of the Ancona…
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