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Collaboration Business Game @ Bologna

  Bologna, 21st February 2017. As part of the Masters in Management of the University of Bologna, The Business Game Srl proposed the Collaboration Business Game, the TBG tool created to improve organizational and group dynamics, providing an educational and training experience to the participants. At the end of a brief presentation of the Game,…
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University Management Competition

  Each year, the University Management Competition involves 16 Italian universities. Course students using the Strategy Business Game face a tournament, divided into teams and groups. The teacher has a central role: he decides independently how to run the tournament and, above all, the weight that will be given to the game within the course.…
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Alternate Reality Game @ FS Competition 2017

  For the first time, The Business Game Srl, which has always made innovation one of its supporting columns, has been striving for the creation of an Alternate Reality Game. Which better occasion than the one offered by the FS Competition 2017 to give to more than 1.800 participants an engaging, stimulating and fun-filled experience?…
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FS Competition 2017 #MoveYourTalent

  The second edition of the FS Competition, organized by Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane in close collaboration with The Business Game Srl, came to an end. The contest was born with the precise aim of identifying the best talents from engineering and economics degrees at various Italian universities. From July 13 to September 12, 1.800…
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What we do

Abbiamo una soluzione aDeguata per ogni tua esigenza Sei un docente? Incrementa l’efficacia dei tuoi corsi attraverso una soluzione di apprendimento innovativa e stimolante che mira ad accrescere la soddisfazione dei partecipanti attraverso un’esperienza coinvolgente in tutti i suoi aspetti. scopri di più Sei un manager d’azienda? Ti aiutiamo a trovare il percorso formativo più adatto, finalizzato…
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CoMIPetition 2017

  Saturday, June 10, 2017. During the day dedicated to the presentation of the new editions of the International Full Time MBA, the International Part Time MBA and the International Flex EMBA, the innovative Executive MBA in distance learning of the MIP, the participants had the opportunity to test their skills by taking part in…
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